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Our team has a long history of providing individual financial advice going back over thirty years in some cases. This depth of experience can be invaluable in helping you put together a plan for your personal circumstances.

Dealing with individual clients is the lifeblood of our business and many of those who are with us today have been receiving advice from our team for twenty five years or more. We help families manage wealth and financial planning across the generations and have been doing this for a long time.

Many of our clients are family members or personal introductions of clients we have advised over many years. Our firm is a chartered firm and our advisers are professionally qualified and experts in their fields.

We can help with investing for the future, providing an income and ensuring that you use tax efficient investments such as the new Individual Savings Account.

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Many of our team started working with trustees in the 1980s advising on both family trusts and occupational pension schemes. The new Self Invested Personal Pensions had just arrived and were a welcome addition to the Small Self-Administered Schemes which were popular at the time.

For pension scheme trustees we advise on all types of pension schemes both individual and company plans. We advise on small schemes and large schemes as well as defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

We can help with scheme design, investment default strategies and de-risking for DB plans. If you have an existing plan we can review all aspects of this for you and your fellow trustees. With pensions, experience matters and our team have been advising on pensions from the mid 1980s. The new pension freedoms make it ever more important for trustees to review their schemes and communication.

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We have extensive experience in advising companies of all sizes on all aspects of corporate planning. Whether you are a listed firm with global operations or a small employer we will have similar clients.

We can provide advice on all aspects of employee benefits and specific arrangements for senior executives, including pensions, investment and protection.

Whether it’s global healthcare, meeting your auto-enrolment duties or death in service benefits we can help.

The Richmond Wealth team are very experienced at helping companies and employers with pragmatic, practical solutions including Salary Exchange and flexible employee benefits.

Professional Partners

As a Chartered firm advising many different types of clients we naturally come into contact with other professional partners.

If you are an accountant, solicitor, individual or corporate adviser we will have experience in working with your type of firm.

We work with agents, managers and many other professionals who have close client relationships which they need to preserve.

Our work is on a collaborative basis and can be limited in scope where there are other pre-existing advisory relationships.

Richmond Wealth has extensive experience in working with professional partners and welcomes new relationships.

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