Here’s a recap of simple money saving tips which can be handy to know during the wintery months:

  • Stay warm & save this winter by closing your curtains early in the evenings to avoid heat being lost through the windows when temperatures drop.
  • As energy bills tend to increase in winter, you may want to adopt a small DIY tip to help keep heat in your home. By simply, wrapping tinfoil around a piece of cardboard and placing it behind your radiator, you can help reflect the heat from the radiator back into the rooms in your home.
  • Whether you’re cooking a wholesome winter casserole or simply an oven pizza, don’t waste the valuable heat left in your oven after cooking. Open up your oven door after cooking to make your kitchen toasty whilst helping to bring down your energy bills!* (*Please keep children and pets away from hot ovens)
  • It is important to bleed radiators if they have cold spots caused by trapped air. By doing this, it will allow radiators to reach their full potential and can lead to savings on your energy bills whilst creating an even more cosy home.



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