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Saving can be for many specific purposes.

Savings Case Study


Are you paying or receiving interest?

One of the things that savers often overlook is the fact that they may be paying interest to someone else whilst...

Tax Efficient Saving

Whether you are saving for the short or long term, there is a wealth of options available, and it is important to select the most suitable plan or investment for your own personal needs and goals. Our chartered advisers can help you assess your needs and decide what the most important factors are. Taking these into account, along with your attitude to risk and time-frame, and your tax position, we can devise a bespoke strategy for you. We will look at your overall position to assess the impact of the main UK taxes and seek to minimise the impact of these on your savings and investments. We can consider onshore and offshore options, and will take your residence for tax purposes, and your domicile, into consideration when compiling our recommendations.

Any tax treatment is based upon personal circumstances and current legislation which is subject to change.

School fees

You may wish to implement a savings plan to ensure that your children have the best possible education. This could mean saving to cover school or university fees, or both.
Paying for your children’s education can be a sizeable commitment, and it is important to start saving as early as possible, and to use a suitable savings plan, that provides you with whatever flexibility you require, together with maximum tax efficiency. Your attitude to risk needs to be taken account of alongside the term over which you intend to save for. Our advisers can assess all of these factors and help you devise a suitable strategy. Over the term, we can review your strategy, build in any new factors and evaluate whether goals are likely to be met. We can amend the strategy as appropriate to take account of any changes as they happen.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Savings calculator

Please contact us for an up to date version of our MS Excel based savings calculator. There are a number of really good versions available for your smartphone too.

Case studies

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