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Case Study
Plan for what might happen and what will happen.

Financial Advice

We all make plans for the future.

Financial Planning is thinking about the future and making plans for what we would like to happen. This can be for times when we might not be around as well as when we are here. Often this is just common sense, although sometimes the benefit of our experience can be invaluable.

When we explained to Paul that what we had in mind was putting together a plan, he understood exactly what we meant. In his role in work, he regularly prepared plans for the business which included arrangements for emergencies.

With such an organised business life, Paul had never really taken the time to think about organising his personal finances.

He had plans in his head that he and Sarah had talked about, good education for the children, hopefully university and a firm start in life. In the longer term, they wished to spend more time abroad in a warmer climate and would downsize their UK home.

We were able to review Paul & Sarah’s pensions and savings arrangements to maximise the tax relief they could obtain on their contributions. Paul was very surprised to learn he was paying tax at 60% and some additional pension payments quickly reduced this to 40%.

A simple review of their protection plans produced a saving which was redirected towards paying off their mortgage early.

They agreed to an annual review of the plan to keep things on track and before they left the office Paul was already looking at retirement properties in the Algarve!

Richmond Wealth can help you take time to make sure your life plans remain on track.

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